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6 Benefits of Using Client Intake Software for Firm Growth & Improved Client Management

by Terrifio Team | February 4, 2021

6 Benefits of Using Client Intake Software for Firm Growth & Improved Client Management

First thing is first, what is the intake process?

It is the method where “work is picked up by technology.” In a general sense, it is a bridge that allows your management software to organise your work information and document(s).

So, how does this management software expedite your firm’s growth while improving your client management?
1. The legal intake software helps intellectual property firms minimise and ease their workload while increasing productivity.
Productivity is increased through automation; the firm’s existing files and information are consolidated onto one, singular management software. The management software can easily convert and transfer information such as a client’s case status, documents, daily team tasks, any important firm events. This removes the need to convert and transfer it manually saving time and human error.

2.The management software is helpful and efficient as it allows the firm to customise a system that allows for tasks and information to be sorted on a case by case (or client by client) basis.
This makes it easier for a firm to find a specific case about a client. It allows a firm to update the case file accordingly as well. The management software can also consolidate older information with the new information on the management software – updating the already existing information.

3.Like the Client Intake Form the Intake Software Manager or system eliminates data entry.
The management software avoids information being duplicated – if a new employee is taking up an existing client and has a meeting with them, they do not have to take/ask them for information that the previous employee already got.

4.However, if you wish to avoid the above scenario altogether then you may consider employing an administrator.

An administrator can keep up with any crucial deadlines or make different forms of information readily available (as they know where to find it). This is more of a long-term goal; having one person oversee the management software makes it easier for communication between employees, partners and clients. It reduces the scenario of “too many cooks in the kitchen”  as only one person handles the management software.

5.The firm, under the supervision of the administrator, can create a system that is meant to organise affairs with the clients. For example, if a client filled out a Client Intake Form track and report their process on the management software (system). If a client has a follow-up meeting and it is urgent make mention of this on the management software (system). Intake Management Software systems such as Clio even gives its users the ability to send appointment reminders to clients.
As aforementioned this takes away the uncertainty of human error and manual checks. It shows your clients that you are professional, reliable and onto of your game (with providing the best service to them).

6.As stated in our previous Client Intake Form and processes articles one of the best, convenient things to do for a client is offering them the option of e-signatures.
This eliminates the need for them to physically come to the office to sign documents as they can do it from the comfort of wherever they are with any digital device they have on hand. Intake Software such as Lexicata allows users to create and save an e-signature for end-to-end use.


If you have already implemented the Client Intake Form into your firm’s system/processing then it makes absolute sense to also implement Intake Management Software!

As our world becomes more and more technical and digital you should too! Do not find yourself falling behind out of intimidation; technology and applications will, in the long run, help your firm run smoother while maintaining the client-firm relationship.

As stressed in this article, management system and processes are beneficial in the long run. When you streamline the workload for your employees and the firm, you make it easier for them to be able to relate to and focus on client relations in order to deliver the best results.