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Our Beta Program provides SMEs, corporates and IP firms the chance to engage with the latest developments from Markr before others in your industry - with no upfront financial investment.

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Virtual Patent Marking Made Easy With Markr

Markr removes the administrative burden of patent marking. The platform provides a simple, easy to use tool for generating virtual patent marketing documents for your website as well as providing automated reminders when your documents need to be updated to reflect the latest updates in your patent portfolio.

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Cost & Time Savings

Avoid the cost and hassle of physically adding patent information to your products and keep that information up to date without having to tinker with your manufacturing process or editing product packaging.

Issue Avoidance

Provide potential patent infringers with notice of the identified patents and ease your concerns over false marking claims. The patents associated with a particular product can be adjusted quickly and easily.

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Ease of Marking

Conveniently mark multiple patents that cover a single item as well as mark small manufactured items. If the URL for the identified virtual marking website is not unduly long, physical space on an article becomes less of an issue.

Increased Public Access to Patent Information

Include patent (or patent application) numbers on a web page to make it easier for the general public to access information about your patents.

How It Works In 3 Easy Steps



Import details about your patent, patent applications and products into Markr that you have now. As you add more you can import them too.


Quickly match patents and patent applications with their relevant products. Track grant dates and expiry dates so you know when to update your marking documents.


Export a customizable PDF report that includes everything you need to meet your virtual marking notice provisions. Add it to your "VPM Link" website (such as, and your VPM Link to your products covered by your patents.

Why should you participate?


Receive first-look access to our newest platform updates so you can evaluate the value added by new features to your patent marking process

Joining our Beta program, gives you access to new features before they're generally available so you can engage with and test those features directly in your own operation. You can help identify potential issues and resolve any concerns before the features are shared with the broader industry. This saves you valuable time and prevents any issues from arising later on. When the features are deployed publicly, you’ll already be an expert on using them to launch your virtual patent marking program.

Interact with Markr’s product team

The product team at Markr participate in every step of the Beta program to help our participants maximize the impact this program can have on their businesses. They will guide you through any issues that might come up along the way. You can also request a member of the team to work alongside you throughout the program to engage with the team even further.

Collaborate with other members of the Beta program

Part of the Beta program is built around periodic (optional) group meetings. These meetings allow for members of the Beta program to share their feedback and experiences with Markr. Members of the Beta program are invited to also share these details with members of the Markr team.

Join product education sessions

The Beta program gives the participants guidance and insight on the newest platform updates as they become available. These short and productive sessions are typically done via Zoom or video conference where you can get a jump on others in your industry with a deeper understanding of virtual patent marking with Markr.