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The Ultimate Virtual Patent Marking Checklist

by Terrifio Team | March 1, 2023

The Ultimate Virtual Patent Marking Checklist

Are you thinking of getting started with virtual patent marking? Are you wondering whether your existing virtual patent marking programme is compliant? Non-compliance can lead to a loss or reduction in potential damages in the event of patent infringement. Don’t risk it – stay ahead of the game with Terrifio Markr’s virtual patent marking checklist. Click the link below to download it and ensure that you’re on track with your virtual patent marking programme.

Our free PDF includes guidance on each critical aspect of virtual patent marking compliance. Discover the critical online and offline requirements that you need to follow, identify any gaps in your existing or planned programme, and learn easy steps to increase the scope of your virtual patent marking.

Virtual patent marking may seem confusing, but with our checklist, virtual patent marking will be easier. We cover ‘on-product’ marking requirements, as well as two basic requirements for every virtual patent marking webpage. We also provide a guide showing the required information on your virtual patent marking webpage with full compliance, along with two tips to make your virtual patent marking programme as robust as possible.

Download our virtual patent marking checklist now!

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